The Game on Fake Stripper Pic: They Photoshopped My Head on a Stripper's Body! (Part 20)

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Description: Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - Part 19: Part 1: -------- The Game addressed long-standing rumors of a fake picture depicting him as a male stripper. The music artist challenged the authenticity of this photo, stating unequivocally: "They put my damn head on a stripper's body." He attributes the discrepancy in the photo to the absence of any visible tattoos on the body, contrary to his extensively tattooed physique. Photoshopping controversies aside, The Game also spoke candidly about past discrepancies with fellow artist Lil Eazy, the son of the late rapper Eazy-E. Insisting their feud was due to a miscommunication, he maintains there's no ill-will between them. He further revealed that his respect for Eazy-E, whom he admires as a key figure in the genre, is so profound that he has the late artist's face tattooed on his arm.
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